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4x04 - Money

GREAT episode! Micheal is poor and working a second full-time job, Jim and Pam stay at Schrute Farms B&B, Dwight and Angela are officially over, Kelly and Darrel are hooking up, Dwight is depressed, and a couple of great kisses! Enjoy the caps! :)

Number of caps - 1,400
Cap size - 624x352
Zip size - 42.32 MB


Download :


you're a beast. plain and simple. :)
are you feeling better?
LOL, thanks! Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. The sore throat is hanging on, but I'm fine. Thanks. :)

PS: Great icon!
Awesome, snagging! (Though I'm still working on my 4x03 icons!)
I'm taking these! If I make icons out of them, I'll be sure to credit you. Thanks a lot. :)
snagging. thanks a bunch
Thanks! :)

PS: Your icon is sooo scary, I love it!
Fabulous, thank you! Snaggin'. :D
Thank you for these!!! Good quality caps are hard to come by. Merci!!