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4x08 - The Deposition

So, this might be the last episode of The Office for a while...it might even be the season finale. Weird, huh? *sigh* Anyway, it was a great episode! Jan is suing Dunder-Mifflin because they fired her, and Michael is set to be deposed, D-M's lawyer makes him read a horrible performance review that Jan gave him, and then Jan's lawyer reads a statement from Dave Wallace saying he was never really a candidate for Ryan's job, D-M's lawyer produces the topless photo from Jamaica, and Jan's lawyer produces Michael's diary *ahem* journal, to prove that Jan was never really serious about him, Michael chooses Dunder-Mifflin in the end, all the while, Jim sucks at ping pong, and Kelly is smack talking Pam about it. Oh, and we see Mose! I think that's it, whew! In case this is the finale, this has been a great season, however short! Enjoy the caps! :)

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